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You are undoubtedly an outstanding professional or even a leader in your field. However, not everyone has the natural talent to convince people who are sitting on the other side of the TV or computer screen, or to present their opinion to a journalist in a way that cannot be interpreted or misunderstood.

We teach our clients the basic principles that serve as a blueprint for successful communication with the media. Our specialists develop an individual media training plan suitable for different levels of knowledge, from the basics to the mastery level. Training takes place in various programs, both individually and in groups.


Head of media training

Evita Matisone

Evita Matisone

Evita Matisone, Member of the Board
E-mail: [email protected],
Mob. phone: +371 29660007

If you are looking for a communication and public relations expert with a proven track record of success, Evita will be the specialist for you! With experience managing large-scale campaigns for the biggest companies in Latvia and beyond, Evita has a wealth of expertise in creating effective brand communication strategies. Her success is rooted in her MBA and communication science studies, allowing her to seamlessly integrate corporate business goals into public relations and marketing campaigns. One of Evita’s standout skills is leading media training for high-level managers. Over the past 15 years, she’s developed her training methodology and has conducted media training in Latvian and English languages. Her unique approach ensures that participants leave with practical skills they can apply in real-world situations. Her rich experience and deep knowledge of the marketing and public relations landscape in the Baltics make her the perfect partner for any business seeking to build its brand and improve its communication skills.